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About Opportunity St. Maarten

General information about the National Employment Services website.

Welcome to the Department of Labor Affairs & Social Services main public employment services website. This website is managed and maintained by Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labor.Welcome to the Department of Labor Affairs & Social Services main public employment services website. This website is managed and maintained by Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labor.

For more detailed information about this website, including our privacy policy, information collected by the department or third parties, links to third party websites and copyright issues, please see our Terms and Policies page.

About the National Employment Services Center (NESC)

NESC is Sint Maarten’s National Employment Services Center. NESC facilitates employment in the form of this website and provides employability enhancement services to both jobseekers and employers in alignment with the standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

The brief origin of NESC

In 2017 the Department of Labor Affairs & Social Services organized a workshop in collaboration with ILO. The objective of the workshop was to strengthen the capacity of the National Employment Bureau in career guidance and counselling, skills need anticipation, matching and performance management, monitoring and evaluation. The workshop was aimed at developing the competence of the responsible officers to offer state of the art services to job seekers and businesses. The training would be one of the most important experiences for the Department of Labor Affairs & Social Services, allowing for the re-envisioning of the mandate of the employment bureau and would cumulate in the birth of the National Employment Services Center (NESC).

NESC currently has one main office located in the New Administration Building. The team is comprised of one Junior Employment Officer, two Officers Client Counseling Services and two Officers Customer Services. NESC works actively to engage all relevant stakeholders in order to prioritize assisting clients who are considered vulnerable or far removed from the labor market.

The vision, mission, values, general goals and objectives of NESC have been formulated in conformity with by the National Ordinance AB 2010 no.5 and the National Organization Ordinance of Ministry of Public Health Social Development and Labor.

Our Vision

As the only mandated Public Employment Service Center in conformity with ILO standards our vision is to:

“Provides holistic and innovative employment and employment enhancement services to ensure that all can contribute positively to their employment and or career development goals.”

Our Mission

It is the mission of NESC to execute specific initiatives to achieve our vision. In so doing, we will offer the following services.

  • An independent digital platform to facilitate employment opportunities.
  • Employability enhancement programs achieved through public-private partnerships.
  • Labour market information services that satisfy client and customer needs.
  • Efficient and effective immaterial and material assistance in collaboration with Social Services.

Our Values

  • Trust: We are a high performing organization dedicated to employment and human resource services – a trusted partner and resource for our clients and our community.
  • Respect: We treat every individual with respect, in every interaction.
  • Integrity: We act with credibility, professionalism and integrity to instill public trust and confidence.
  • Commitment: We are committed to providing solutions for our clients.
  • Professionalism: We are professionals, continuously educating ourselves and preparing for the challenges ahead.
  • Excellence: Attaining effective and efficient work relations with all stakeholders.

Our Responsibilities

To advance the vision, mission and objectives of the Ministry, based on our collective values and philosophies, by delivering effective employment and labor market information and enhancement services for the provision of a stable and balanced labor market. We exist to improve the way the labor market operates by:

  • Effectively uniting those seeking work with those seeking workers through technology
  • Prioritizing those who are furthest removed from the labour market through enhancement opportunities
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and or commission development workforce training programs to quickly and efficiently get jobseekers into work
  • Actively collect and share labor market information
  • Assist authorities and others engaged in monitoring and evaluating the labor market
  • Have an overall national responsibility for vulnerable job seekers within labor market policy development
  • Ensure the fulfilment of the National Ordinance on Foreign Labor.  

Client Objectives

We promise to:

  • Enhance employability by providing effective training enhancement services and other related services internally and externally
  • Create a database of certified and skilled potential employees in line in with the ISCO-08 occupational skill levels
  • Offer immaterial and material aid in the even employment is not possible
  • Provide labor market information services in line with regional and ILO standards.

Customer Objectives

We promise to:

  • Promote participation and cooperation with the business community in the form of partnerships and work training opportunities.
  • Facilitate job matching resources for promotion of employment opportunities.
  • Source partnerships for cost sharing of joint ventures.
  • Provide labor market information services in line with regional and ILO standards.

Products & Services

NESC has developed a sub-set of core products and services to ensure that our vision and by extension our objectives are met.

Job Seeker Categories

  1. Clients who are immediately employable
  2. Clients who are employable with training, coaching
  3. Clients who are temporarily unemployable
  4. Clients who are unemployable

Products & Services Job Seekers (Clients)

  • Orientation & Work Appreciation Sessions
  • National Employment Services Center Training Program
  • Labor Market Information Service
  • National Employment Services Center Website

Business Categories

  1. Customers seeking to fill vacancies
  2. Customers seeking to train, mentor clients
  3. Customers seeking to work with volunteers
  4. Customers seeking to access multiple products & services noted under 1 through 3

Products & Services Businesses (Customers)

  • National Employment Services Center Website
  • Labor Market Information Service
  • Human Resource Guidance Services
  • Organizational Charts & Performance Evaluations
  • ISCO-08 Job Descriptions
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • National Employment Services Center Training Program